4 Steps to Empower Yourself in your Business

It all started 5 years ago in the back of a yoga studio in Coffs Harbour.

After already working in my field for about 10 years in various places, I was giving a treatment in the clinic room out the back.

My client looked up and said: "Sand! I didn't even know that THIS is what you do!!!"

Then I overheard the conversation of the lady at the front desk with someone who had just randomly walked into the yoga studio through the thin walls. The person wanted to know what was happening out the back. The front desk lady replied: "Ah that's just Sand doing her Reflexology and Massage. It's similar to what I do."

I remember as if it was today how my jaw dropped and the voice in my head screamed: "No way!!! She does something TOTALLY different!!"

I felt so misunderstood.

In that moment I realised that obviously my messaging out there wasn't AT ALL reflective of what I was really offering to people.

That was the day I decided to learn all about clarifying my true purpose, my message and how to communicate it to the World, so I could actually attract and help my ideal clients, fill my clinic and make the bigger impact I was deep down called to do.

Since then so much has changed!!   

I'm working with my ideal clients - in person and online.

I get powerful, life-changing results, which are truly transformational and heart warming.

I've got a booked out clinic.

I’ve made it way beyond the illusionary 6-figure mark.

I'm about to publish my first book and I’m preparing my Certification Program.

I feel on track. Understood. Deeply serving.

And since then, I have been mentoring heaps of empathetic practitioners and change makers to get clear about their unique purpose, their message, how to package what they've got to offer and - most importantly - support them with clearing and facing their conscious and subconscious blockages  to make the deepest impact they came here to do for. 

So you may ask how I achieved this!

I followed the 4 Steps outlned below:

1) I took a high level mentor who helped me get clear on my unique purpose, message, expression modalities and aligned strategy

2) I got crystal clear on who my tribe is. My ideal clients whom I'm born to serve and who I gel with and learnt how to communicate and connect with them.

3) I grew an abundance mindset and learnt how to be the creator of my own life - not just by manifesting, but also by taking deep ownership of my flaws, my dark side, my shadow - and then took action from this place. This has changed my life, family dynamics and business.

4) I cleared (and keep clearing!) my backpack of stories that have kept holding me back from playing a bigger game. Nothing has been the same ever since I started clearing my shit.

If you are keen to come home to yourself and share your gifts unapologetically with the world, contact me for a free 30 minute Heart to Heart Chat to find out how best I can help you achieve your goals by clicking here .

Together we rise.