What is your Purpose and what does Struggle have to do with it?

I believe that we are spiritual beings that come down to earth to have a human experience. We bring down learnings and gifts that we’ve accumulated over life times, so we can share them with the world.

The downside? 

As we excitedly and full of anticipation come down to earth, we get told in the last second that we’ll be suffering from amnesia! “Remember who you are, as you’ll forget..!”

So we go through struggles and tough times, in an attempt from our higher self/spirit to remind us of who we are. The tricky thing is that we humans find it incredibly difficult to see through these challenges as something positive. Most of us go into resistance mode and fight the struggle, in an attempt to “be good”, “have it all together” and “shine on”. 

However, this can only truly happen if we embrace the struggle. By looking at and making friends with fear and triggers, we can free ourselves out of the burden of conditioning and actually step into who we are. 

Life is duality. There will always be dark and light, night and day. How come humans want to run away from pain in an attempt to block it out as if it didn’t exist? 

Everyone and everything just wants to be loved and understood. What happens when your child wants to show you something? 

Right, they get pretty annoying until you look and acknowledge whatever it is they want you to see or comment on. They won’t leave you alone, until you’ve done so though, correct? 

If you however did so straight away they would move on and happily play, right? 

It’s the same with our experiences and emotions that we experience. They all have a message for us that could help us remember a bit more of who we are and what we’ve got to share. 

When we block out parts of our experiences as so called “unacceptable” or “bad”, however, we tell these experiences that we don’t want to look at them - and they feel pretty rejected. 

So what happens to them? 

Correct, like with little kids who feel a lack of connection, they get super pesky and bombard us with experiences and triggers, so we’d “get it”. 

The problem is just that people generally like to go into victim mode instead of acknowledging what they need to see, so they don’t need to own their experience. (Because that would make it all too easy, right? Lol )

Remembering who we truly are aka “finding our purpose”, is one of the most toughest paths to walk. We don’t just need to walk against the grain of society (“you’re doing what??”), break out of the unwritten laws of society’s conditioning (“but you can’t do that!”) and heal lifetimes worth of trauma (40% of our thinking is governed by 40 generations that came before us. That takes us back to the 5th and 6th century. If you know anything about human history on this planet, you’ll know that these were pretty dark times of wars and persecutions. No wonder that people are in fear of “poking their heads out too far”, speaking their truth or sharing their message!);

In order to share your message authentically and unapologetically far and wide, you need to leave lifetimes worth of emotional baggage and conditioning behind. Only then you can be you, connect with your inner power and potential and step out of the struggle zone that humanity is mostly living in.

It’s a tough journey yes, but it is also THE most rewarding one! 

Discovering and living your purpose is the most fulfilling and exciting journey ever, that brings bit by bit more and more alignment, energy, flow and deep trust with it, as you realise that you CAN create anything you desire and that you can contribute to a positive shift in the World. 

And that’s what living your purpose is all for isn’t it? 

What is the point in realising who you are and what you are truly capable of, if you’re then not sharing it with the world in some form or shape?  Making a positive difference that lasts longer than just a small human’s lifetime is the most rewarding journey. And the happier, fulfilled and aligned your life is, the more people and positive ripple effect you create.

Many people think that they have to earn money first and then when time, money and space allows, THEN they can “splash out” and “indulge” in something so “self absorbed” as enquiring into their purpose. 

Nothing further from the truth!!

Taking the path to discovering and then living your purpose (aka fully expressing yourself in all that you’ve got to share) is anything but a self-absorbed move! 

On the contrary, it’s the journey that allows you to live your own dreams yes, but it’s also simultaneously the one that gives you and your message the furthest reach and allows you to positively impact the maximum amount of people (or animals or environment) in your life - way more than you’d ever be able to do by just sticking to a path of mediocrity. 

Would you like to find out what your purpose is, and who you truly are in your fullest expression? Are you ready to overcome the struggle and finally make the impact you’re here for?

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We are all meant to shine. Together we rise.