Uncover your hidden blocks (shadow) and ultimately set yourself free

You want to live a fulfilling life, harmonious relationships, experience deep inner connection and create success by sharing your gifts, helping others and making a positive impact. 

You don't want to waste your time with trivial tasks, be too busy to connect, feel lonely, anxious and stuck. Am I right?

Have you ever asked yourself what the quickest way is to living your ideal life?

Most likely you have already done quite a lot of soul searching, self development and looking into your dreams and desires, and very possibly you've manifested a lot of magic with it.

But you might have also come across some hurdles and stubborn road blocks.  

"Your outer World is a reflection of your inner World", they say..

But what does that really mean?

By now most of us have realised that we need to be a vibrational match to what we want to create and manifest in life. However, that’s often easier said than done.

We can tell ourselves to be “positive” and “grateful” all we want, but if our body (as a representation of our subconscious) holds a different belief, it’s not authentic and the Universe will know. This is called cognitive dissonance and will make manifesting your dreams impossible.

What to do about it? 

To truly become the creator of our reality, we first need to understand that we need to look at our triggers, struggles and “yucky” emotions and acknowledge what they are trying to do FOR us, instead of seeing them as the enemy that we need to get away from. 

A simple rule of thumb is, if I can see a trait in someone else, I definitely possess that trait myself. Maybe they’re expressing something I’m currently repressing. Maybe they’re repressing something I’m currently expressing.
It’s not always simple to deduce the exact pattern we’re running immediately, but if there’s a feeling of discordance or ‘trigger’ when observing a person or an event then there’s something we haven’t yet owned or dealt with internally (this is also known as our "shadow").

When we disapprove of something or of a feeling (usually the opposite to our values, ie being uncaring), we often either unknowingly act it out (ie by the way we treat our bookwork or self care), or we claim that it is not a part of us and literally disown it (this gets referred to as our shadow).   

Let's say that you’re a mother that strives for a harmonious household. Most likely, your values are family connection, that everyone is happy and looked after and feeling loved. Right?

In that case, if you meet someone else that looks after their kids really well and they value connection and have a deep respect for their children’s feelings, and they're very loving and kind, then you’ll be really resonating with these people and will see them as your friends or as really good people.

The better they are at living your values and the more aligned they are to your values, the more highly you’ll think of them and you might even put them on a pedestal, depending on whether you feel you live up to your own standards and values or not.


Let’s look at what happens when you meet someone who doesn’t live by your values. They might be very disconnected, mean to their family or not caring or possibly even narcissistic, and they push everyone away. They're cold, they're fake, they're not real, they're not connecting.

Well, in that case they don’t live by your values and probably a part in you will put them in the ditch. You’ll look at them and go, "Well, that's so not me. I cannot stand that. How can they do this to their children?! How dare they!?" 

Right? In that case, you push them really far away from you. You most likely don’t even want to associate with these people.


If you could see my body movements right now, I would pull the people closer that I really appreciate but push the people away that don’t live according to my values. And there is quite a bit of muscle contraction involved on both sides.

This is what we all do as humans. This muscle contraction and charge around behaviour, emotions, attributes etc that doesn’t match our values, then gets stored in our body. Whenever we encounter the same behaviour, attribute or emotion in someone else or even ourselves, we’ll respond and judge according to the charge we hold towards it.

What we need to understand is that we all have the whole spectrum of emotions and traits. Some of them get expressed more than others, but they are all a part of each and every one of us.  By claiming that we don’t own specific emotions or traits, they get suppressed. 

These disowned parts of ourselves, also known as “shadow”, will show up in others or the world around us in order to hold up a mirror for us. For example, in uncaring or narcissistic traits in our partner, father or government.

Our brain always wants to bring us back to a point where we live most authentically and true to our nature. So it will do its best to make the subconscious conscious and create scenarios in which we can recognise this lost and disowned aspect of ourself and claim it back. 

By looking at our triggers, we can bring our shadow into light, own them back and release the charge. As a result, we set ourselves free.

It can be enough to do this on a conscious level with exercises such as shadow flipping. (Ie by writing down all our negative traits and then flipping them into the positive, and vice versa). The aim is to see how we can love our shadow a little more. 

However, if we hold a lot of charge in our body towards the bespoke shadow aspect, we will need to release it from the body to create true freedom. This is where modalities and tools such as Clear your Shit, The Footprint Connection Reflexology™ and The Spiral come in. We can clear the charge around situations, emotions, archetypes, people etc extremely fast and potently. 

Once we fully embrace the idea that our entire reality is made of our perceptions, which are themselves conditioned by past events and inner biases, we realize we CAN create absolute magic in our lives JUST by changing beliefs, emotional patterns, images we hold and stories we tell ourselves.
This principle also leads to deeper compassion for others since once we start realizing that EVERYONE is projecting their experience all the time, we stop expecting others to conform to our particular value system and perception.

The result? 

There won’t be any charge left in our body around this topic, as we’ve owned it back. This results in us not having to attract it into our reality anymore, ultimately allowing us to start creating our desired reality (an extraordinary life, fulfilment, success, love, connection,..) with so much more ease.

We can simply choose what we want, without the subconscious fear of ending up somewhere opposite.

We can create magic.

The only question left is:

How amazing are you prepared to let it get?