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Sand doing a footprint analysis

Footprint Analysis

Clarify your unique purpose, message, gifts and pathway with a Footprint Analysis by Sand (utilising her The Footprint Connection™ modality). Your entirety is written in your feet. Not just your physical symptoms, but also your thoughts, gifts and blockages.

Let me read and translate what ultimate vision and purpose your body and subconscious hold for you and let’s clear any blockages that are holding you back from sharing it with the World.

(1.5 hour sessions, available online or in person)

the spiral

Blast The Breaks off / The Spiral

A deeply transformative 8- week journey for Conscious Leaders and Practitioners to free you of lifetimes worth of emotional baggage, conditioning and upper limits, so you can live your limitless potential, unapologetically share your gifts and increase your authentic visibility, income and positive impact with ease.

This powerful journey is a life changer and creates a paradigm shift with amazing results.

(1:1 - soon also available as group journey - available online or in person)


Unblock yourself - clearing session

Are you a conscious leader or practitioner ready for the next level but you’ve been hitting some road blocks? No matter if you’re an author experiencing writer’s block, a speaker presenting in front of a larger audience than ever, increasing your rates and facing upper limits, have a tendency to anxiety.. I’ve got you covered. Let’s clear whatever is holding you back, so you can unapologetically share your gifts.

(1.5 hour sessions, available online or in person)