Online Membership

for conscious Leaders and Practitioners

who are ready to set up, grow and scale a business that’s in total alignment with who they are

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together we rise

Join Sand’s new Membership, so you can:

  • become fully booked

  • set up, grow and scale a business that’s in 100% alignment with who you truly are

Set up the entire foundations for your business in bite size chunks that you’ll be able to implement with individualised group support over the period of 12 months:

  • get clear on your message and expression modalities so you never have to wonder anymore whether blogging or presenting should be your go to strategy to attract more of your ideal clients 

  • hone into your ideal client which allows your message to be laser clear and your business to grow with speed 

  • learn how to communicate with your dream clients so they recognise you and your schedule fills up 

  • put together an authentic offer that will allow you to let your full scope of experiences shine through, whilst making a big positive difference for your clients and creating a stable income for yourself 

  • learn how to sell without being pushy or feeling salezy but from a deep place of serving and confidence 

  • get crystal clear on your vision so you can pick the right business model that will ensure you get to live it (rather than building one thing and dreaming of another, only to feel stuck years down the track again!)

  • form an aligned strategy that gets you to chip away and stay focused, even when you’re busy with work, family and other commitments 

  • learn the systems and procedures that will help you save time, energy, money and stress and instead serve and attract your clients more 

  • grow your following

  • upgrade your money mindset and wealth consciousness away from employee mindset to entrepreneurial abundance mindset and actually allow in the clients, joy, money and ease!

  • all the while whilst clearing away blockages that keep you in hiding and from sharing your message in a more visible and impactful way, and receiving the rewards!

Setting up, growing and scaling a business that’s in total alignment with who you are is now completely possible with ease, joy and flow! 


  • the guesswork, overwhelm, self doubtinvisibility or loneliness that doing it all by yourself can bring

  • the hefty price tag (usually in the tens of thousands!) that yearly memberships usually bring with it, especially at this level of support (weekly group calls of either training, Q&A or clearing jam)

But with ..

  • loving, professional and skilled support

  • the collective energy of a group environment amplifying your clarity, shifts and outcomes

  • community to connect and collaborate with - together we rise!

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The process/what’s included: 

  • one of 5 online modules every three weeks for the first 15 weeks of the program: 

    1. Clarity of purpose, expression modalities and message

    2. Clarity of ideal client 

    3. Communication, copy and offers

    4. Create an Aligned Vision and Strategy 

    5. Learn to spot and manage resistance, so you can keep moving 

  • monthly training group call 

    On the above topics, as well as..

    6. Authentic Offers

    7. Non sleazy sales

    8. Money mindset and wealth consciousness

    9. Growing a following

    10. Systems and steps to simplify, grow and scale

    11. Facebook ads and strategy

    12. deepening of one of the above topics

  • monthly Q&A group call 

  • fortnightly group clearing jam 

So you essentially get a weekly dose of individualised group potency

to get your questions answered and your blockages shifted,

so you can keep moving whilst you’re implementing at your own pace!!

“Thank you Sand Mew for an amazing mentoring session this morning!

Sand intuitively helped me to clear my blocks around making my own videos to share my message - I was terrified of it! But... I’ve just made my first video and published it! Yay!” 


“After just one session with Sand one of my biggest blocks in my life has suddenly been solved.

Sand is radiating hope and love - she is also very practical and authentic as she has healed herself and her life before she started a journey to help others transform their lives. The healing can take place in a short period of time if you let it happen...I did and my life is back on track. You have do some work yourself though, but Sand can push to a miracle...again if you let it be. :) 

Thank you Sand again for showing up in my life :)”


“Amazing working with Sand! Her inner knowing, healing, business coaching, and passion for health and living your vision, as well as serving humanity is amazing and she shares it with such ease!!

Thank you Sand. I’m in very good hands!”


“I have been so blessed to have been working with Sand on and off for a couple of years now. I have to say the results which flowed on from her incredibly clear and concise sessions are phenomenal. It, without a doubt, has changed every faucet of my life path. 

It made me look at it all from a different stance and perspective, without self judgement and with more flow and knowing. I am much kinder to myself!!!

Sands sessions are light, real, fun...and highly addictive!!! She is super intuitive and always only works from the space of truth. I honestly can highly recommended anyone who'd like to see lasting change in their lives and business - physical or emotional.

I am honoured to have met Sand.



The investment?

This yearly membership with weekly group calls of either training, Q&A or clearing jam,

to keep you moving on your vision and mission

is easily worth $5000.

But currently you are able to join the inner circle

for only AUD $200/mth 

(with 12 months commitment) 


Save yourself AUD $400 and

pay only $2,000 upfront

This will go up soon.


Wondering whether you can still see me for additional 1:1 work to integrate deeper, clear and embody your shifts, if you feel the need?

Yes you can. This is subject to availability, so simply confirm with me directly.

Would you like to Blast The Breaks off (as in supercharge yourself, your confidence and magnetism), become ignited and unstoppable, raise your ceilings and increase your visibility, income and impact with ease and flow?

Apply for the deeply transformational 8-week journey The Spiral with Sand now. (If you join the online membership now, you can also choose the option of The Spiral later at additional cost).



Apply now by booking in for a Heart to Heart Chat and let’s assess where you’re at and whether you and your unique situation fits this option.