Sand Mew

You are a Conscious leader or practitioner, who is ready for the next level.

You are keen to live your purpose, express the full spectrum of gifts that you have and tap into your limitless potential, so you can live your dreams and increase your visibility, income and impact with ease.

You know you’ve got so much to share with the World.

However, you’ve hit a ceiling in how much visibility, success, joy, income or impact you can hold, which shows up in at least one of the following ways:


✓ you’re spinning your wheels

✓ you’re not seeing the results you’re looking for

✓ you’re feeling disconnected and off centre

✓ you crave clarity, confidence and ease

✓ you’re feeling blocked and either your visibility, income, confidence or trust (or all of them) are suffering (and possibly your relationships too)

✓ you feel like you need to choose between love or money, family or success, sharing your message or safety, …

✓ you’re leaving either money or precious moments with your loved ones on the table due to the inner turmoil this is creating

✓ you’re ready to fully step into your power and unapologetically share your gifts and message with the World and make the positive impact you’re here for - at the level where you’re meant to be playing at - with ease and flow!




I completely understand, and I’ve got your back!

I’m Sand Mew and I’m here to support you.

..Fusing Spirit with Strategy.


I’m a Holistic Transformational Mentor for Conscious leaders and practitioners

who are ready for their next level of visibility, income and impact,

without risking their health, relationships or sanity, but who want to do so with ease, authenticity and flow.

As the founder of The Footprint Connection™ modality, I connect people with their unique footprint on Planet Earth.

I’ve been practising and teaching The Footprint Connection Reflexology globally for more than 15 years.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve been upskilling with various coaching frameworks, NLP and The Spiral™.

I’ve been specialising in helping conscious leaders and practitioners all over the world (online and in person) to connect with their ultimate purpose and authentic message and free themselves of lifetimes of emotional baggage, conditioning and upper limits, so they can live their “Huge Humongous Something” (aka limitless potential), go for their dreams and unapologetically share their unique gifts with the World - with clarity, confidence and inner certainty.

Moreover, I’ve been teaching practitioners, healers and coaches to set up, grow and scale businesses that are in complete alignment with who they are, their vision and dreams. Having built a successful 6-figure business based on my purpose myself, I’ve got a lot of skills, lessons, tips and wisdom to share!

As certified Spiral Practitioner, I’ve been facilitating deeply transformational 1:1 journeys and group immersions; and I’ve been running presentations, workshops, online programs and The Footprint Connection Reflexology™ Certification Program all around the globe.

I see the journey of unapologetically sharing your gifts and message as a 3 Part Journey:

  1. Clarity

    The Journey Within:

    Remember Who You Are

    (Clarity of purpose and message)

  2. Confidence

    Being in your Centre and holding that Space:

    Embody Your Limitless Potential

    (Clearing whatever is blocking you from fully claiming your power and embodying it)

  3. Authentic Visibility and Impact

    The Journey out into the World:

    Unapologetically share your Gifts

    (Confidently setting up, growing and scaling a Life and Business

    that’s in full alignment with who you and your Limitless Potential are)


The Result?

Ease and Flow.


Increased Visibility, Income and Contribution.

An open heart and a deep sense of inner Peace and Certainty.

Knowing that you’re 100% on the right track

and making the biggest impact in the World possible

whilst living your own dreams.

Riana King


Today I wrapped up my 8 week Spiral with Sand where we dove deep to the place where there's nowhere else to go, but IN, underworld in, where all is revealed.

A place where the truth is been told, felt, received & given on every single level.

Full power.

Full worth.

To be seen.

To be swept.

Sand provided me with a safe place where I could show up for myself respectfully & not look back, even when desires from old paradigms might've knocked intensely on my soul's door, confronted & some days left for empty, only to again fill up to that brim & slowly overflow into the greater.


Thank you Sand for helping me shift some shit!

I  love you!

You have been paramount in my expansion, in co-creating my next level this year with full blown heart openness.

I recommend this powerful women to anyone who has a genuine willingness to look deeper into themselves.

I consider myself ridiculously lucky.”


Heidi Merika

“Doing the Spiral process with Sand has been a wild ride through the terrain of the inner self.

It has shifted my perceptions and attitudes in ways that are still unfolding.
It’s almost hard to remember what I was like before as the change is so integrated that it just feels normal to be in this new state of being.

But when I look at my life and see the way I have been operating I can see how my old ways were so limiting.
Since completing the process there are all these things in my life that are simply no longer acceptable to me and I find that I am constantly having to let go, change or recalibrate my life in order to honour myself, my boundaries and my inner most desires, so that
I am able to live in a state of absolute alignment with my truth and joy.

I'm so grateful to Sand for holding such a gentle, present and potent space for this incredible journey to unfold and for being a shining example of someone living their truth.

Much love and gratitude for the amazing journey XXX “

Note: Within 3 months, Heidi had completed creating her eCourse, launched it *sold out*, has written and completed her book, and is generally on Fire!

/ HEIDI MERIKA, The Community Herb School, Apothecary & Naturopathy, EUMUNDI /

lara jane

“Sand is an amazingly intuitive, passionate and dedicated empowerment coach and practitioner and I am so grateful to have been able to study and work with her.

I had the blessing of participating in her amazing online program. Such a wonderful and enlightening journey! We had full support and accountability from Sand throughout it and the course content in itself was incredibly comprehensive and powerful. I uncovered so much about myself, my lifelong passions and my deep soul purpose, as well as huge amounts of guidance for practical application, and all this has led to THE most empowering and exciting outcomes in both my professional life AND my personal life!

I am so thankful to have discovered the magic of Sand along my journey and I highly recommend her and her beautiful empowerment offerings.


Thank YOU Sand Mew you amazing soul, for your encouragement and affirmation, for being such an integral part of this journey of remembering my true path and stepping up, and for letting your own light shine freely for the world, giving permission for others to do the same!  

You have truly blessed my life!”


IMG_0716 2.JPG
Remember Who You Are Book Cover

Author of

‘Remember Who You Are

Embody your Limitless Potential and unapologetically share your gifts with the World’

- coming soon -

If you’d like to contact Sand for interviews, presentations, workshops or programs, please email her at, fill in the contact form or book a chat.


“Your playing small does not serve the world.

There is nothing enlightened about shrinking

so that other people will not feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine, as children do.

It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone,

and as we let our light shine,

we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

/ Marianne Williamson /


Work With Me

Sand doing a footprint analysis

Footprint Analysis

Clarify your unique purpose, message, gifts and pathway with a Footprint Analysis by Sand (utilising her The Footprint Connection™ modality). Your entirety is written in your feet. Not just your physical symptoms, but also your thoughts, gifts and blockages.

Let me read and translate what ultimate vision and purpose your body and subconscious hold for you and let’s clear any blockages that are holding you back from sharing it with the World.

(1.5 hour sessions, available online or in person)

the spiral

Blast The Breaks off / The Spiral

A deeply transformative 8- week journey for Conscious Leaders and Practitioners to free you of lifetimes worth of emotional baggage, conditioning and upper limits, so you can live your limitless potential, unapologetically share your gifts and increase your authentic visibility, income and positive impact with ease.

This powerful journey is a life changer and creates a paradigm shift with amazing results.

(1:1 - soon also available as group journey - available online or in person)


Unblock yourself - clearing session

Are you a conscious leader or practitioner ready for the next level but you’ve been hitting some road blocks? No matter if you’re an author experiencing writer’s block, a speaker presenting in front of a larger audience than ever, increasing your rates and facing upper limits, have a tendency to anxiety.. I’ve got you covered. Let’s clear whatever is holding you back, so you can unapologetically share your gifts.

(1.5 hour sessions, available online or in person)


“My name is Ty Nelson, and I just finished the Spiral Journey with Sand Mew last night -- it was amazing!!!

I knew there was going to be some deep work and that it would be transformative...but sitting on the other side of it right now, two months later, I am blown away at how light I feel, how amazing I feel, the hope I have, and the vision I have for what I want to do and how I am going to do it.

Working with Sand was amazing, she was so caring and intuitive!  And it was an awesome connection, even though it was thousands of miles away, and only on the computer.

Super grateful and can’t wait for what’s next! Thank you!”

Note: Since completing Spiral with Sand, Ty has clarified his purpose and mission, completed The Spiral practitioner training himself, on top of various other trainings and is now successfully working as conscious athletes coach with top athletes globally to increase their performance levels with ease.


dani mohndahl.jpg

“I decided to do the Spiral work with Sand because I value her passion and knowledge and knew I'd be in safe hands to explore some dark corners of my consciousness while peeling back some layers of hurt I'd been avoiding processing.

We've just completed level 7 and I feel like
I'm stepping into the light of my personal and professional life with clarity, lightness and a whole lot less suffering and getting more of what I desire.

My relationship with my husband has improved and strengthened, and I’ve also since received and taken up opportunities taking my Thai Massage Trainings globally.

I'm so glad I set this time for myself with Sand to be gentle, loving and kind to myself again to dream massive dreams! Xx”


ebony rae.jpg

“Before this spiral process with Sand I had been through a massive year (..) Its amazing how much 'stuff' we all have weighing us down..

The Spiral process was such a quick, effective way to clear the recent trauma plus so many years of emotional debris and clutter.

Before I saw Sand I would apologize a lot, say yes to things I didn’t really want to do, was making some unhealthy food choices, really vibrating low, felt overwhelmed, anxious and had lost direction in life.

Suddenly some miracles started to occur..I started feeling more confident, knowing I deserved more and asking for what I want/need.. Plus saying No when I wanted to!

I couldn’t budge the 5 kilos I wanted to along with years of baggage it has gone..

I have a clearer sense of my purpose and what I want from life, I am eating healthier, motivated to exercise and feeling sexy and good about myself again. I have been able to manifest many great things into my a new direction for my healing business and a job transfer to my favourite place in the world..all things I had given up on...and no more anxiety panic attacks!

So In a nutshell (Lol) the Spiral process was a life changing experience for me and I have continued to see benefits and possibilities..

I would highly recommend Sand as your Spiral practitioner as she is a very high vibrational being who can take you higher and really knows how to hold a safe loving space to get the maximum healing benefits for you..I am so blessed and and grateful for having met such a gifted healer to take me next level..Thanks Sand!!! Much Love xxx”


IMG_0716 2.JPG

What would it give you to know that you’re finally fully on track?


What will change for you once you reconnect with your “Huge Humongous Something”

and take yourself, your life, gifts and message to the next level?