Do you have the 'either Money or Love syndrome'?

Do you sometimes feel like you need to choose between areas of your life?

Either “purpose” or “money”, "success" or "time freedom", "a good income" or "doing what you love", "safety" or "visibility"?

Do you find it easy to make lots of money, but miss the fulfillment that goes with it?

Or you have put a lot of energy into making your life more fulfilling, slow and simple (or simply find it is), but you’ve given up on the money part, which ultimately means that you end up struggling to survive and pay your bills?

You might also find that you end up blocking your success because of a fear of getting too busy and not being able to keep up with it all.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Of course there are also many people out there who have both; more fulfillment and money, success and time freedom, purpose and impact etc and believe deep down everything is possible and that we can have it all. And they seem to have it all.

But for some reason it just doesn’t seem to be happening for you to the extend yet that you're dreaming of.

This phenomenon gets referred to as “Split Brain Hemisphere Syndrome” by Mission Mentor Nicola Grace.

It's based on the fact that 40% of our subconscious thinking is governed by 40 generations that came before us. This takes us back to the 5th and 6th century, which was a rather dark time of persecutions, war and everything but freedom of speech and expression.

In those days, you were either born into the role of a "spiritual person" living in the monasteries, who was being looked after with food, or of a worker in the fields, who didn't get a chance to even think about anything but daily struggles.

Our brain hemispheres both govern these two types of being:
The right hemisphere governs our left half of our body and represents our creativity, flow, emotions, blissful states, love and connection; in short, our Yin energy and spirituality.
The left brain hemisphere governs our right side of our body, and represents our structural, mathematical and systematic approach; in other words our Yang energy, the one of the worker in us.
Most of us have the tendency to lean towards either one of these energies and aspects of our being more than the other. Therefore, we tend to be either more creative/ intuitive or structural in our approach to life.
Again, we all have both aspects within us—none can go without the other—so it’s good to balance out our approach and “marry our brain halves”.

Many years ago, I too thought that I had to choose between “love” and “money”—until I realised that you can have both, and that all it takes is for us to bring our brain halves and thinking together.

In order to do so, we need to rewire our mindset into an abundance mindset. We need to release all the conditioning, beliefs, patterns and traumas that keep our brain halves separate, so they can unite and work smoothly together.

It’s all about the sacred balance of BEing and DOing, giving and receiving.
You might have heard me talking about this concept before. If not, feel free to download my FREE Guidebook 4 Keys to Monetise Your Inner Calling here where I'll go much more into this.

With the Split Brain Hemisphere it's again a bit of the same:
Those of us who are used to BEing can find more flow and fulfillment on all levels (and get results) by DOing more (taking aligned action), and those of us who are used to taking constant action and are used to pushing, will get great results with focusing on the BEing and receiving part more.
It’s the balance between giving and taking, being and doing as well as outward and inward flow that creates the magic.
It will allow you to “walk the ridge” between love, spirituality and money.

Therefore, if your general body signs and symptoms are predominantly coming up in your left half of the body, for instance, it either wants to show you that you’re either under or over utilising the aspect of yourself which this body half or body part represents. It depends on the exact symptom and holistic picture to be able to tell more here.

For example, one of my clients used to experience right hip pain for many years. The muscles often went into spasm in the psoas and piriformis region, and caused her intense pain. The right side of the body represents structural aspects, and the right hip especially our foundation and basic trust in life, as well as our connection to our father.

Once we looked at her ability to receive and cleared the relationship between them, she felt a massive shift in the way she was feeling towards her father and the way she was able to feel his love (which she had never been able to do before—on the contrary, she had been holding onto all this old anger, resentment and mistrust towards him, which had been stored in her right piriformis and psoas muscles).

Once she could let go of the resentment and anger, not only did she feel the love and support from her father flood in, but also her right pelvic muscles released. She found herself being able to stand straight, with her weight distributed much more evenly onto both feet and legs.
This enabled her whole body to straighten out and regain a sense of balance that she couldn’t remember ever feeling in herself before. She felt loved, relaxed and deeply trusting of herself. This resulted in her feeling much more confident in herself, and her ability to put her offers out there improved massively, resulting in her doubling her income over the following 6 months!

The reason why I share this story with you is so you can see just how our body, mind and spirit are interconnected, and how a release in emotional baggage that we hold onto over the years and decades, that we aren’t even aware of at all, can not only benefit our overall wellbeing, but also our health and subsequently the way we stand in life. This then opens us up to fully being able to receive all the goodness in life, including financial riches. It’s quite magical!

So remember, we can’t embody ourselves fully unless we address, clear, acknowledge and heal all those stories, conditioning, dogma and limitations that we have experienced, are conditioned with and have been getting brainwashed with as we grow up, and that put a rift between us and our full potential.

We need to fully release the baggage in order to claim our body and full power which we are meant to embody in this lifetime.
Only then can we fully step forward and create ALL that we desire and wish for - without having to choose between Money or Love and the like.

If you’re ready to free yourself of what’s holding you back from unapologetically sharing your gifts and message with the world, book in for a free, catch free 30min Heart to Heart Chat now and let’s map out the steps that it will take you to do so with ease and alignment.

Together we rise.