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Uncover your hidden blocks (shadow) and ultimately set yourself free

Have you ever asked yourself what the quickest way is to living your ideal life?

Most likely you have already done quite a lot of soul searching, self development and looking into your dreams and desires, and very possibly you've manifested a lot of magic with it.

But you might have also come across some hurdles and stubborn road blocks.  

"Your outer World is a reflection of your inner World", they say..

But what does that really mean?

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Do you have the 'either Money or Love syndrome'?

Do you sometimes feel like you need to choose between areas of your life?
Either “purpose” or “money”, "success" or "time freedom", "a good income" or "doing what you love", "safety" or "visibility"?

Do you find it easy to make lots of money, but miss the fulfillment that goes with it?
Or you have put a lot of energy into making your life more fulfilling, slow and simple (or simply find it is), but you’ve given up on the money part, which ultimately means that you end up struggling to survive and pay your bills?
You might also find that you end up blocking your success because of a fear of getting too busy and not being able to keep up with it all.

This phenomenon gets referred to as “Split Brain Hemisphere Syndrome” …

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