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4 Steps to Empower Yourself in your Business

It all started 5 years ago in the back of a yoga studio in Coffs Harbour. After already working in my field for about 10 years in various places, I was giving a treatment in the clinic room out the back.

My client looked up and said: "Sand! I didn't even know that THIS is what you do!!!" I felt so misunderstood and unseen! That was the day I decided to learn all about clarifying my true purpose, my message and how to communicate it to the World, so I could actually attract and help my ideal clients, fill my clinic and make the bigger impact I was deep down called to do. Read on and find out the 4 steps to empower yourself in your business too!

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Do you have the 'either Money or Love syndrome'?

Do you sometimes feel like you need to choose between areas of your life?
Either “purpose” or “money”, "success" or "time freedom", "a good income" or "doing what you love", "safety" or "visibility"?

Do you find it easy to make lots of money, but miss the fulfillment that goes with it?
Or you have put a lot of energy into making your life more fulfilling, slow and simple (or simply find it is), but you’ve given up on the money part, which ultimately means that you end up struggling to survive and pay your bills?
You might also find that you end up blocking your success because of a fear of getting too busy and not being able to keep up with it all.

This phenomenon gets referred to as “Split Brain Hemisphere Syndrome” …

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What is your Purpose and what does Struggle have to do with it?

I believe that we are spiritual beings that come down to earth to have a human experience. We bring down learnings and gifts that we’ve accumulated over life times, so we can share them with the world.

The downside? 

As we excitedly and full of anticipation come down to earth, we get told in the last second that we’ll be suffering from amnesia! “Remember who you are, as you’ll forget..!”

So we go through struggles and tough times, in an attempt from our higher self/spirit to remind us of who we are.

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