Sand Mew

Sand Mew

Holistic Transformational Business Mentor

for Conscious Leaders and Practitioners


Founder of The Footprint Connection Reflexology

Author, InspiratioNal Speaker

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Sand Mew is a Transformational Mentor for Conscious leaders and practitioners who are ready for their next level of visibility, income and impact, without risking their health or sanity, but who want to do so with ease, authenticity and flow.

With a background as qualified Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Reflexologist, Remedial Massage, Acupressure, Psychosomatic and Shiatsu Therapist, as well as NLP practitioner, energy healer and life coach, Sand is the founder of The Footprint Connection Reflexology™ modality – connecting people with their unique footprint on Planet Earth – with more than 15 years of experience globally.

Over the last 5 years, Sand has been specialising in helping conscious leaders and practitioners all over the world to get clear and confident on their authentic message and free themselves of lifetimes of emotional baggage, conditioning and energetic ceilings, so they can unapologetically share their unique gifts with the World and get richly rewarded.

As certified Spiral Practitioner, Sand has been facilitating deeply transformational 1:1 journeys and group immersions, as well as presentations, workshops, online programs and The Footprint Connection Reflexology™ Certification Program all around the globe.

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Sand Mew

“Sand is incredibly intuitive and able to read what is going on with accuracy, that at times it's almost unsettling. :)

Her ability to also feel what is going on not only in myself, but my family, has been quite mind blowing. Absolute patience, generosity, kindness and zero judgement.

I've worked with many other healers/therapists etc before but Sand has an incredibly rare gift that really makes her stand out. 

I found working with Sand was incredibly deep emotionally, though at no point did I feel unsafe to open up and share fully. Her guidance and patience really help to create one of the calmest, most present environments I've experienced.

The work itself was incredibly powerful and I can see the permanent impact of this every day.
If you are at all thinking about doing the Spiral with Sand, as I've already referred 2 people so far, I'd clearly say you have to give it a go.

Even if you are a little sceptical about the 'woo-woo' stuff, we are all energy and it makes sense that we have been impacted by energy in our past. You will feel safe, heard, respected and supported throughout the process.

Give it a go, you won't regret it. 
All I can say is Thank You. :)”

/  Sean, Consultant /  

“Since completing the Spiral with Sand, I feel lighter, i feel like i can trust in myself and the process more. New work opportunities have presented and i have been open to them. Including my dream to work remotely on a regular basis! An opportunity just presented itself! 

I feel more confident within myself and my knowledge. My purpose and work feels more aligned, more solid. I feel pretty proud of myself and my work more often now.  I have let go of trying to fix those who are not ready.

The relationship with myself has shifted in confidence, trust, self love, gratitude and i seem to be more aware of my boundaries.

Sand was very grounded, very real, professional, caring and there were no wrong answers.  I felt very heard and deeply respected. The work was done at a deep level and was easy to follow.  Sand has a lovely inviting energy and presence, i found it very easy to reveal deeper information to her.  

To someone thinking about working with Sand I’d suggest: “Go for it, you will learn so much about yourself and heal and grow on a deep level.”

A warm hearted thank you from the bottom of my heart to this beautiful soul x

/  Leigh Murdoch, Naturopath, Sunshine Coast /  


Sand provided me with a safe place where I could show up for myself respectfully & not look back, even when desires from old paradigms might've knocked intensely on my soul's door.

Thank you Sand for helping me shift some shit!

You have been paramount in my expansion, in co-creating my next level this year with full blown heart openness.

I recommend this powerful women to anyone who has a genuine willingness to look deeper into themselves.

I consider myself ridiculously lucky.”

/  Riana King, Open Hearts Mend  /



“My name is Ty Nelson, and I just finished the Spiral Journey with Sand Mew last night -- it was amazing!!!

I knew there was going to be some deep work and that it would be transformative...but sitting on the other side of it right now, two months later, I am blown away at how light I feel, how amazing I feel, the hope I have, and the vision I have for what I want to do and how I am going to do it.

Working with Sand was amazing, she was so caring and intuitive!  And it was an awesome connection, even though it was thousands of miles away, and only on the computer.

Super grateful and can’t wait for what’s next! Thank you!”

/  Ty Nelson, Salt Lake City  /

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Sand being interviewed in a radio show

“Doing the Spiral process with Sand has been a wild ride through the terrain of the inner self. It has shifted my perceptions and attitudes in ways that are still unfolding.
It’s almost hard to remember what I was like before as the change is so integrated that it just feels normal to be in this new state of being. But when I look at my life and see the way I have been operating I can see how my old ways were so limiting.
Since completing the process there are all these things in my life that are simply no longer acceptable to me and I find that I am constantly having to let go, change or recalibrate my life in order to honour myself, my boundaries and my inner most desires, so that I am able to live in a state of absolute alignment with my truth and joy.

I'm so greatful to Sand for holding such a gentle, present and potent space for this incredible journey to unfold and for being a shining example of someone living their truth.
Much love and gratitude for the amazing journey XXX “

Note: Within 3 months, Heidi had completed creating her e-Course, launched it *sold out*, has written and completed her book, and is generally on Fire!

/  Heidi Merika, The Community Herb School, Apothecary & Naturopathy, Eumundi  /